Market assessment – eSports in numbers

In 2012, there were 58 million so-called eSport enthusiasts worldwide. In 2014, this number has risen to 89 million, and by 2017 there will be around 145 million eSports enthusiasts.
40% of all eSport fans who follow competitive eSports via IPTV or other livestream offers are not actively playing themselves. A sign that eSport is developing into a so-called spectator sport.
205 million viewers follow eSports worldwide.

Thirteen million eSports enthusiasts regularly participate in leagues and tournaments in the amateur and professional field and follow championships or similar events.
56 million viewers regularly follow eSports.

By 2017, the eSports market is expected to increase its total revenue by 100%.
For 2017, sales of $ 465 million are expected.
Looking at the rapid development of eSports and comparing them to traditional sports, the annual turnover could be the magic limit in the coming years